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RIP Nokia

The big news today is that Nokia and Microsoft have created a partnership, and that Nokia will start selling smartphones based on Windows Phone 7 (WP7). As an app developer, I think this is a terrible idea. Having to support two phone ecosystems is annoying enough. If WP7 actually does manage to get any market share to speak of, I will have to consider porting my games to a third platform – one that, at the moment, doesn’t support native development, so instead of just having one set of source code that I can port to multiple devices, it would take almost a complete rewrite.

Ahh, the Android build process is always fun. In my previous blog post I talked about how huge LuaBind and OOLua++ were. Apparently I needed to do a clean build, though, because now I’m getting different numbers I’m an idiot. The new numbers I was seeing was because I was reading their sizes wrong. Divided by two. I’ve updated the incorrect numbers in the previous blog entry. I looked at it again because, frankly, I didn’t believe my own numbers.

Barring any remaining issues, I’ve finished my first Android game, so it’s a reasonable time to reflect on what I’ve learned. Android is not an easy platform to develop C++ games on; they originally designed it to be Java-based, and there are dozens of pitfalls that can even trap an experienced developer. But I decided to take that path anyway, and now I have the skeleton of a cross-platform game library.

Tim's Blog, Reborn

No promises yet as to ongoing content here, but I wanted to set up my personal blogging space so that I at least have the option of writing blog entries. We’ll see how things happen as time moves on.