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Book Review: Direct 3D Rendering Cookbook

· by Tim Mensch · Read in about 2 min · (225 Words)
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I was given a review copy of the Direct 3D Rendering Cookbook by the publisher, Packt, and over the course of a couple of plane flights I’ve had a chance to look it over. As a basic introduction to how DirectX 11 usage, it seems great so far. I’ve used previous versions of DirectX, so I can’t comment on how clear it would be for a complete beginner, but for someone who already knows the basics it was certainly very easy to follow. And it does a great job of explaining advanced fundamentals, touching on most topics you’ll need to understand as a DirectX programmer, which is great. You’ll find information on the latest 11.1 and 11.2 interfaces as well, in case you want to target Windows 8-only features.

That said, past the first few chapters (which describe both the native interfaces and the C# interfaces), the book focuses almost entirely on C#/.NET examples.

As a developer who has avoided using managed code in games, this is not the way I’d personally prefer to see my examples. On the other hand, C# examples are almost always cleaner than the equivalent C/C++ code would have been, just due to the overhead of the native COM interfaces.

Overall it seems like a great buy if you’re looking to update your skills to cover the latest DirectX technologies.