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Project in the works

· by Tim Mensch · Read in about 1 min · (156 Words)
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After months of spending time at others’ beck and call, working on various consulting gigs, I’m finally back in the development chair. At least almost. I’ve spent over nine months working on contracts, refilling the war chest. I sold my house and bought a cheaper one to get out from under a mortgage, so I’d be better able to pursue my own projects for longer without active income.

And I’m finally, finally pursuing my “dream game” project. You’d think that, being a video game developer for 20+ years, my game would be a traditional video game? Maybe some new genre mashup, or at best some twist on technology?

No, not exactly. I do plan to do my game on a computer (or tablet), but the goal isn’t to make “another computer game.” I want to make a board game. A digital board game.

And I have just the team to put one together. More news soon.