New Google Developer Agreement Kerfluffle

I’ve been seeing bloggers panic about an alleged change with the new Google Android Developer Agreement. As was pointed out by one developer on Twitter, the text hasn’t changed.

So what has changed that they want us to agree to? I decided I wanted to find out. Looking at the page in (thanks for the idea, Nathan), I compared the version from May 1, 2011 with the one available on the site today. You can read the entire diff if you like, but all that changed was:

  1. It covers platforms that aren't mobile (Google TV isn't mobile, after all).
  2. They specifically note that you can only be a developer "in certain countries".
  3. They embedded links instead of spelling them out in the app.
  4. They changed the wording in the non-compete section that you can't sell a "market-like" app that distributes games and/or apps instead of using the word "Products," which by definition is something distributed via the Market (oops). [Edit: It's interesting to note that this clarification means that an app can sell things that aren't apps or games, such as books, movies, or music.]
  5. Several minor wording changes that improve readability and/or are for some obscure legal reason (IANAL).

The 48-hour limit was there in May, and it was there last year in January.

There’s no crisis here. Move along.


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