Raining (big) cats and dogs

Mountain lionToday we were enjoying a nice, warm day that made it seem like summer hadn’t really ended…until about 2:16PM, when all of a sudden someone turned on the wind, which started gusting at over 30MPH, and which brought with it some clouds and fog that spattered rain all over us. So much for summer. :)

In other news, they had to remove a mountain lion from a student apartment complex. Apparently it was pretty scared of the students who were standing up on a bridge nearby to take pictures of it. We frequently get deer in our backyard that are almost tame; they certainly aren’t afraid of us. I guess that’s an adaptive trait, since the mountain lions that kill them are afraid of us, so the deer can mostly get away with hanging out in our yards without fear of being eaten. I say mostly because, well, the lions do make it down from time to time, as the young male above did.

At this point (before 4:30pm) the rain has stopped, I can see the mountains again from the cafe where I’m working, and the wind has died down to a breeze. As they say, if you don’t like the weather here, just wait a bit and check it again. :)


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